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From the community, and specifically the large group of retired women and men who still maintain an interest in tennis, we have assembled a team of 54 volunteers. We have conducted workshops to train them to assist the Tennis Canada certified instructors we employ. We have also provided first-aid training for those who required certification.

Jimmy Perry Costamagna, our Head Coach and Program Director is a semi-retired executive with a wealth of organizational skill and a life-long love of the sport. His contributions have helped us develop as quickly as we have.


In our first year, we reached 236 children followed by 1825 in our second year (2015). To date, over 14,000 kids have participated in our programs since our first class.

How to account for such rapid growth? There are several factors.

Parents find tennis attractive for a number of reasons.

First, compared to other sports, equipment to get kids started is inexpensive. Second, Victoria has so many free public courts throughout the city that access close to home is assured. Third, concern about the long-term effects of concussion and serious injury in contact sports is growing. Tennis provides all the physical and emotional benefits derived from participation in sports yet is one of the safest.

Last, the way in which we teach today virtually guarantees that all kids can learn the game, including many who are not naturally athletic and those with physical handicaps. One of our most inspiring students is a 10 year old boy who has no thumbs and 1 finger on each hand. His two-handed forehands and backhands are a joy to watch. He is currently in his fourth series of classes.

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