Prior to starting KATS tennis my son was reluctant to participate in group sports activities due to anxiety. Through KATS he has discovered a true love of tennis which he had never played before. He asked us to get him his own racket which we did and he treasures it. Now he has gotten his best friend and little brother playing tennis too. My son says “I think tennis is my sport.” He has found a home within tennis that is comfortable for him to learn and grow and the KATS coaches have helped my son discover his confidence in sport. I just love watching him play.


We really appreciate KATS provide such great program for my boy. Without KATS we won’t be able afford the tennis lesson by ourselves. My boy […] seems really like his tennis lesson and please let us express our appreciation for all the funding and supporting! Thank you very much!    […]


KATS Tennis lessons are a fabulous source of physical activity for our 6 year old boy. He is husky and not physically adept therfore his confidence suffers. Since he started taking tennis lessons he is slowly but surely becoming more confidant in himself. As a parent I care deeply for him to have a healthy self-perception. We are so thankful this program exists as we could never afford tennis lessons.  Thank you!!!


I like this program very much and it was very pleasent surprise for me when Esq Rec Ceneter informed about this funded program. It boosted my confidence as having 3 children it was quite difficult to manage financial challenges.


My son tried the KATS Program for the first time last Thurs.; he had never taken Tennis lessons before.  I found the coach was great with the kids explaining all the fundamentals of the game well and making sure each child there understood the rules.  As well the coach was great in including all kids and taking the time to interact with each child.


KATS Tennis has been wonderful for my son. We could never afford tennis lessons for him on my husband’s single income and myself being a stay-at-home-mom. I’m so thankful and grateful our child has this opportunity as he is very tall for his age and husky and lacks self confidence. I hope he can continue to participate in KATS Tennis program. Thank-you very much.


KATS is helping my daughter to gain confidence and a positive attitude towards trying something new and developing skills. Her hand and eye coordination/big motor skills are showing improvement with every class. She LOVES the coaches and looks forward to every lesson. She is inspired to be practicing at home and on her own which has not been true for other sports. She is a younger sibling with a very active older brother so finding a sport she can sense her own improvements in has been rewarding.


Both of my girls (ages 10 and 11) participated in the tennis program at Esquimalt Rec Centre. Tennis isn’t a sport I had exposed them to before but my youngest — who can be hard to motivated when it comes to physical activity — has really taken to it.  It helped that she really likes the instructor who is kind energetic and funny. We will definitely keep this up once the weather turns such that we can be on the courts outside.  If my 10-year-old can get excited about tennis because of this program then I’m happy to make every effort to encourage that interest and make time for it as a family. I’ve really appreciated the program.


These programs are crucial to the physical wellbeing of children but also to the healthy development of their confidence motor skills teamwork and developing their capacity to support one another in trying new things. My daughter just had her first day of this program and already loves it! I cannot stress how important it is to keep these kinds of programs accessible to lower income families who otherwise may not be able to provide their children these valuable and hands on experiences.


I feel very positive about the program.  It was a high-quality lesson (although the class size was large for such young people; it is very difficult to stand and wait for a turn for so long while the instructor helps one person).  The presence of accessible lessons for youth in our community is SO important.  I have recommended it to many families who would not otherwise be able to afford the lessons.  We have two small children and I am in the RN program at Camosun/UVic so we have virtually no money to spend on extracurricular activities for the next two years.  Programs like this help our kids stay active and connected to our community while we struggle with finances for the next two years.


Since starting KATS Tennis my son has discovered a boost of confidence when participating in sports activities. Previously he was very anxious about participating in any group sports activities. Despite having never played tennis before KATS he now calls tennis his sport and says he’d like to continue playing it whenever possible. He has introduced the sport of tennis to his best friend and now to his little brother who likes it so much he is also now registered for tennis with KATS.


My child was enthusiastic about every class! The class was a good mix of slightly younger and older children with varying skills and they all seemed to be having fun. The coaches were great and each child was given instruction that helped with their performance and confidence. Overall a fantastic experience!


This KATS tennis program has been outstanding for my 2 sons (9 & 7). They are both very active kids and love sport. Through this program tennis has rapidly risen to become their favourite sport now and they are both excelling in it. Their coaches have been exceptional and have gone the extra mile to instill a love for the sport in them. It has also given us as a family a whole new opportunity to do something together! The program has had a really great and significant impact on us all. Thank you!


We really appreciate the KATS program and our daughter although initially reluctant has now fully committed to the weekly lessons and is proud of her progress.  Thanks to all supporters of this program.


My child has improved  in her eye and hand coordination balance and ability to think quicker when she is moving around. The program has made learning the game of tennis fun. I look forward to further development of skills confidence and focus.


We hoped and have seen that the program gives our children a place to thrive – as outdoor pursuits make him quite happy. Having peers his age as a part of it are a positive aspect (being an only child and new to the are). Having guidance from someone other than a parent with a positive attitude and knowledge of the activity is very beneficial to him!


I actually have two girls in the program — a 10 and 11 year old.  The 10-year old is particularly hard to motivate but she’s decided that she likes tennis (even with very little exposure and poor skills — it might have something to do with the short skirts).  I’m happy to encourage her and glad to have found a program that will enable her (and her sister) to try out it out and learn enough about tennis to see if we could pursue this as a family sport.


We had never played tennis as a family but our youngest daughter really gravitated towards this and because she can be harder to motivate (to be active) we were glad to find a way for us to try out the sport.  Because she liked the instructor so much (Lola) and the sport and because we now have racquets and balls we play on our own 2-3 times a week at our daughter’s request.  It’s a great sport — courts are available locally at no cost (no membership required) and tennis has become an easy way for us to get outside and move as a family.